Beauty of Glass, Clarity of Form


Why print on glass? 

As artists, we search for beauty and new ways to express our creations and the creativity of others. With more than 15 years of work and connoisseurship in the art and design industry, we finally found our passion. Fused glass wall art is the perfect surface to display and preserve the art and images that inspire us most, and we wanted to make that level of quality available to people all around the world.


In pursuit of the highest quality art glass we could produce, we sought out a superior printing system with excellent UV resistance and found what we believe is the best on the market today. We chose a Durst® machine (or the latest technology), renowned for its premium quality and durability, to enable our printing process. We use UV printing inks to ensure that our glass wall art will stand up to the elements year after year.


As a Canadian company, we take pride in the equipment and suppliers we use, choosing the best technologies and glass producers in Canada and the US to be a part of our supply chain.


Our motivation at Craft in House is to take the passion we found and make it available to as many art lovers as possible. Affordable pricing is the key. That's why we have an intent focus on efficiency in production.


By keeping production costs lean, we can focus on the artistic details more, sourcing new artists whose creations ( artwork ) are ready to buy and helping you create your own unique frameless tempered glass wall art. We want to cater to the tastes of every generation, from young to old, from Millenials to X,Y,Z and even the occasional B...


As a local Toronto-based company, we are proud to work locally and globally, partnering with online and offline trendsetting retailers and manufactures to change the look of your small world, one piece of glass art at a time. Together with the confidence of our excellent partners, your satisfaction is guaranteed.